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The BEST of the Oh, My, God Food Moments

If you have been following my reviews you know that I have been gorging on delicious food in my search to find the best Werewolf eats on the West Coast – of Los Angeles really.

I have been covering food trucks, diners, bakeries, and food trucks and after a month on the food trail there have only been a few Oh My God moments. Followed by some very close highlights.

I have decided to share where I am at starting with a tie for the two items that had me saying those three words again and again.


The Patty Wagon – Burger, the straight up BEEF

The Cheeseball Wagon – Hot Ham and Cheese Slider

I am not ashamed to say that I am a werewolf and I would hunt these trucks through the streets of Los Angeles shifted and in danger of exposing the entire supernatural community to get my teeth into these two items.

For the Baked Goods – the Sweets – Ice Cream and Cakes 

Winners –

Auntie Em’s Kitchen – Cupcakes

They battled others who specialized in this area and arose victorious while still making kicking food!

CoolHaus – Ice Cream and Ice Cream Sandwiches

The divine has come down to earth in the form of a mix and match ice cream sandwich.

Fresh made Ice Cream that drives around offering 10 flavors of creamy goodness and 5 cookie options. It is too much awesomeness really. PS. Can be found in Some Grocery Stores near YOU!


Auntie Em’s – Site – Twitter

The CheeseBall Wagon Website – Twitter – Facebook

CoolHaus – Site – Twitter – Facebook

The Patty Wagon – Site – Twitter

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