The Guide to Living in Sanction New Hampshire


Sanction is one of the three largest all Supernatural Towns in the United Sates. Mystically obscured, the town is perfect for living without fear of satellites, unwanted visitors, and exposure to the public.

Founded after the Salem Witch Trials by those able to escape persecution, Sanction was chosen for its remote location north of Boston. Built in a hard to access valley, with only one road in or out, this was an ideal location for witches to come and disappear for a time if they were suspected of practicing.

Later all of the land was purchased and registered with the government by Vampire Maximus Vittori who still owns all of the land in the Valley today. Sanction is on human maps as private property and homes are for rent only.

In the mid 1980′s Sanction opened its doors to the Werewolf Pack lead by James. Many of the surrounding packs send their teens to board and attend High School in Sanction as they learn to control their shifting.

In smaller numbers the town is home to Trolls, Djinn, Sirens, Ghosts, and a nocturnal Gargoyle. Sanction contains everything you could want from pizza to coffee, clothes to hair dressers.


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