Sophia’s Best and Worst Ghost Movies

Sophia On Ghosts

Is there something wrong with being a ghost and liking to watch ghost movies. Obviously some are better than others.

Best Ghost Movies:

1. Ghost: A classic and the movie Whoopie Goldburg won her Academy Award for. It is a timeless Hollywood tearjerker that easily gets under one’s skin. I have a soft spot for this one for sure!

2. Poltergeist: What a combo! Tobe Hooper, the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, teamed up with family-oriented producer Steven Spielberg to make Poltergeist. The film is about a haunted suburban tract home in a development very much like the Arizona one in which Spielberg was raised. It even came out the same summer as Spielberg’s E.T!  Though as frightening as Hooper’s  A Nightmare on Elm StreetPoltergeist is one of the smartest and most entertaining horror pictures. I watch it with the lights on…seriously.

3. Thirteen Ghosts : Cool sets, gory make-up, in a haunted-house chiller. And it has the actor from Monk! 13 Ghosts grows is loud and sometimes silly, getting yucky. It’s just fun, I cover my eyes periodically till some of the movie is over after which I’m just exhausted.

4. Ghostbusters: Bill Murray gets all the best lines and moments in this one. Who you gonna call? Well actually I would prefer you didn’t call anyone.

Worst Ghost Pictures:

1. Goosebumps–Headless Ghost: The first episode is entitled “The Headless Ghost”. Duane and Stephanie are frequent visitors to Hill House; an old mansion that is rumored to be haunted. During a visit they stumble across the ghost of a young boy who lost his head. Now, he’s come for one of theirs! Zombies wanting brains would be more interesting. Yawn.

2. Ghost World: It has ghost in the title, but there are no ghosts. Don’t be fooled.

3. Ghost Ship: Scary abandoned ship. Totally gross and an interesting take on not being greedy.

4. The Haunting: Be careful of giant fire places, you might loose your head. Houses that come alive to trap you are just dumb.

I did not even find it funny and I like Owen Wilson. I would have been out the door right away, or maybe through a wall.

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