West Coast Werewolf Truck Review

The Poutine Truck

Poutine: Something you might never have heard of unless you have been to Quebec Canada.

I am serious about that. Never heard of the stuff till I saw the truck and thought, GRAVY. I’m a wolf what do you expect!

I got the classic – Frites

It has a whopping three ingredients – Fries – GRAVY – Curd (Cheese)

If you have never heard of the item before then you may be intimidated, it comes out of a truck after all. GO AND EAT IT! Wait, let me match words to ingredients. GO EAT IT!


On their own some of the finest I have enjoyed. The square tipped edges and uniform size made the experience consistant from beginning to end. That may not sound like the biggest compliment, but it is. NOTHING is worse then one too big and under cooked, one too small and dried out. Hand Cut and Awesome

Made From Kennebec Potatoes – Didn’t know what those were so I looked them up.

“The Kennebec is a large potato, and it looks very pretty with its light tan skin, nice uniform appearance (it usually doesn’t have large ‘holes’ like many other potatoes), and attractive white fleshy insides. The skin is thin so it peels quickly (and is fine to use even unpeeled), and it’s a nice oval potato so it is more attractive on the plate than some other irregularly-shaped ones.” – Taken from http://www.kennebecpotato.com/ 

– Lets be honest. I love to eat, but never thought of a potato as attractive, even when all dressed up.

THE GRAVY – Homemade  

Thick, rich, the natural meat juices just calling to the tongue. I refrained from licking the last spots of this masterpiece off the cardboard tray, but it was close. I had the classic once again, Veloute made with chicken broth. Yummy feathery little beasts.

THE CURD – Made Locally

Well not too locally to North Hollywood where I found the truck but I like when a place that is using up their carbon footprint traveling around does not make their ingredients travel far.

Plain – Garlic Herb – Fire House

It was recommended to me that the Fire House would stand out against the gravy, but old dogs, new tricks, foolishly did not listen. THERE are NO mistakes cause it is all good. Just a miscalculation. The plain was a fine cheese, it was lost in the gravy, becoming more of an enhancement to the flavor than a stand alone element.


This stuff is good! Every element start to finish was a delight to enjoy. Mine may not have had meat, but I was reasonably full after a serving. – Keep in mind, werewolf here – Normal person might be close to exploding and yet unable to put the fork down.

Advice: Stalk them like a deer in the forest, tackle them to the ground if you get close and eat until you are ready to burst.

Their Site:  http://www.thepoutinetruck.com  On Facebook

On Twitter – thepoutinetruck

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