West Coast Werewolf Cupcake Review

Sugar Babies Cupcakery

It may not be manwolf-y or wolfman-y, but I love cupcakes. They are small cakes, tightly packed with delicious goodness, or they should be… 

With that in mind I set out to taste some cupcakes, even if the only size option is mini at places like Sugar Babies Cupcakery. Unfortunately good things coming in small packages did not apply here. The package is small, the baking lazy, and expensive too.

So how does one be a lazy cupcake baker? I was told to come in on a Sat when they had all of their flavors, yum right? A tasty selection right? Nope. My first question was which cupcakes had a different cake. There are a lot of types of cake out there. At which point I was told they only bake two, TWO kinds of cake. Chocolate and Vanilla. There are not different cupcakes there are different frostings!

They have eliminated one of the key components in enhancing flavor and making the experience limited when you try different ones. Lazy. Maybe if the cake had been the most amazing cake ever I would have let it go. No. They were dry, they had little flavor, and though some of the frostings were good they all lacked fillings besides two.

To be fair I went to another cupcake place before writing this review. They are a place that serves food as well as baked goods. They make five, FIVE different cake flavors, Their review is coming next Wednesday.

I may be a werewolf and once a month I do burn a lot of calories, but in between I have been starting to watch my calories a bit. Reviewing food is hard on the waist line. So of the 6 mini cupcakes purchased I did not finish 1. Buy a mix and make your own.

Cupcakes Tasted

Pancakes ‘n’ Bacon – Moist vanilla cake, maple cream cheese frosting, brown sugar candied bacon.

Grade: C

All My Heart – Rich chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, milk chocolate candy heart.

Grade: D – no Heart on top

Mint Chocolate Chip – Not listed on the menu – Chocolate Cake  Frosting made with fresh mint.

Grade: D+

The PBJ – Vanilla cake, rich grape preserves filling, sinful peanut butter cream cheese frosting.

Grade: D

Red Rose – Classic red velvet cake, sumptuous cream cheese frosting.

Grade: F – EXACTLY the Chocolate Cake recipe dyed red.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Moist vanilla cake, sweet vanilla buttercream frosting, candied pearls.

Grade: D – Boring


It is not worth going into great detail when the final statement is – There are better, cheaper cupcakes all over. The grocery store comes to mind for better cake though Sugar Babies Cupcakery does have better frosting.

No Go for the Babies

Storefront:  4810 Fulton Avenue, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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