Don’t mess with the vamps. Not if you want to stay in Sanction since the town owner is Maximus Vittori. Though not the largest group in town they are arguably the most respected and feared.

Facts about Vampires:

  • They can be born or made.
  • Born Vampires need to eat in order to age and grow. Once they stop and go on a blood only diet the aging process halts.
  • Turned Vampires only need blood and can not age.
  • No vampire can cross running water unless it is covered by earth. Example: Stone, Cement, Metal
  • Vampires are the ONLY Supernatural beings that can turn humans and make more of their kind.


One Response to “Vampires”

  • Nearly all of what you point out is astonishingly appropriate and it makes me wonder the reason why I had not looked at this in this light previously. This piece truly did turn the light on for me as far as this particular subject goes.

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