Author Jamie Leigh Hansen

Jamie Leigh Hansen is the author of several paranormal romances for adults and young adults. She enjoys experimenting with the different stories in her head and luckily, her husband, teen and adult children fully support her genre-hopping creativity.


“I hadn’t planned to write young adult stories, but with my kids at just the right age to share what they are reading with me, it got the creative juices going. I love this stage of growing up, when teenagers can express themselves eloquently and share what’s happening in their minds, in their lives at school and with friends.


It’s fun watching them grow and mature, getting ready to move to adulthood with college and career choices beckoning them. I love watching the different choices teenagers make. Their choices say so much about the person they’re going to be when they grow up.”


After moving around the US and attending 15 schools between elementary and graduation, Ms. Hansen has a background of varied experiences to draw on, in addition to those of her kids. Although, as an adult she decided stability was something new to try. Thankfully, her wonderful husband agreed and now her kids can’t wait to escape and explore the world.


For now, Ms. Hansen prefers to see the world through the written word, hers and others. Though prolific with reading, Ms. Hansen takes her time penning stories reviewers describe as “complex and intriguing”, “intense”, “emotional” and “stunning in detail”. Her work has been labeled addictive, though she promises this is one habit that won’t break the bank.


In fact, it is support from her family, friends and fans that keep her going. She loves to hear from her readers at Or even right here on her page in Sanction! Feel free to leave comments below.


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Author Jamie Leigh Hansen

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