Author Gregory Mark Henry

Gregory Mark Henry received his Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in Applied Mathematics in 1994. He moved to the Pacific Northwest, where he lives with his wonderful wife and three kids (Elizabeth, Rosey and Alex). The two eldest kids have gone off to college, but as long as he’s making money, they’ll likely stay in touch.


Greg writes and reviews nonfiction as part of his work as Principal Engineer at Intel. He’s responsible for architecting a math library for high performance computing, but really that entails working with some of best numerical minds in the world. Unfortunately, a great deal of them live in the middle of Siberia where Greg now travels several times a year.


When not being banished to Siberia, Greg enjoys Taekwondo and he got his fourth degree black belt in 2010. His daughter Rosey got her second degree black belt in 2004.


He loves fiction writing, participates in multiple writing groups, and won a 2009 Whitcomb scholarship to the Willamette Writer’s conference. He has several novels in the works.

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