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 Once upon a time, I packed up my truck and drove to Alaska. Three years and a Master of Fine Arts degree later, I came home to teach creative writing at Muhlenberg College. I published a few poems, and then a few more, and then a little book.  I got lucky and made a few bucks writing for edgy alternative magazines like, NURSING TODAY and SOCIAL WORKER.  Hey, they paid me, all right?

Then I remembered I had the brain of a twelve year old and went back to the ouji board to make all my important life  decisions. And so, I began writing YA with sharp teeth and deep dark secrets.

Sanction Chronicles YA Series

 Author Ann LaBar


Meet  Emilie Rose Laveau

Voodoo Witch/Priestess-in-training

Sophomore at Wind Haven High School

“A girl always has to have a plan.  A witch always has to have a potion.”


Emilie didn’t fit in with the other witches here in Sanction; she could just as easily not fit in with the rest of the weres, trolls, vamps, and whatever else managed to crawl out of the woods and enroll for class.

At least her sachets kept the stink of the trolls at bay and she was familiar with vampires.  She’d been around them occasionally since she was small. Who she really detested were the wanna-be vamps. They were a pack of kids she’d been more than happy to leave behind in New Orleans.  They were fashion disasters and fools. Vamps were sexy.  Some vamps were very sexy. Emo kids and cutters with fake fangs glued on their teeth were not.




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