Audrey here!

It’s Tuesday and time for our weekly study tip!

The tip today is to START.

Many of you have trouble getting started on a project.  You may not be sure that you have everything you need.  You are nervous about the topic and do everything else but that topic.  You may be needing more details,


You don’t know anything until you start.

Once you get the job underway, then you can make a list of outstanding questions – maybe your instructions are not clear; you may find that the assignment isn’t as difficult as you thought.  If you leave homework, or an assignment to the last minute and you discover you don’t understand the instructions, you are screwed, so to speak.  If you open your books and START right away, you will leave yourself time to get questions answered, get some extra help from the teacher, etc.


So my study tip for today is to START!  Come back next week to see what pearls of wisdom I have for you!


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