The West Coast Werewolf

Truck Review: The CheeseBall Wagon

I want to preface this by saying I LOVE cheese. So lets get the ball rolling.

I will start with the highlight. The best thing I have had off a truck so far – Hot Ham and Cheese Slider.


BOOM! Yes that was the most delicious cheesy-salty-garlicy bomb to ever go off on your tongue. Cheese dripping down your face after the first bite, “Oh my God.” Flying out of your mouth in disbelief of the awesomeness.

I don’t particularly even love ham! But they put it on the grill, browning the corners, cheese so hot it melted to liquid dairy gold. A garlic kick and I mourned the lose of the slider in only four bites. It left my wolf tummy ready for four – okay more like 10 – more. I will track you down yummy truck – I will eat your sliders if I have to huff and puff and blow your truck down.


Cheddar makes everything- taste like cheddar. So what are these small balls of cheddar like? There is not the stringy gooey-ness of other cheeses. The cheddar gets soft and hot, but eat them fast. After a few minutes they are greasy, breaded chunks of regular old cheese and the cheddar is not sharp enough to have a lot of bite. More a bland variety that will not offend any of the weaker cheesies.

Dipping Sauce: Homemade Ranch – Creamy, Mild, which would be fine if the balls were a powerful punch of flavor. Together this was not my first choice when I could get another slider, but worth a go.


Cheesecake is a hard one. If you like a sweet cheesecake then the cuties are a decent match. If you like the graham cracker crust the most and the cheese part less, again a good match. For me, too sweet, too much graham cracker, and a little too soft.

Dipping Sauce: truck-made wild maine blueberries simmered and pureed with a pinch of sugar.

Yum, but not being a connoisseur of the fruit sauce in general I suspect I fail to truly appreciate the work that goes into making this so yummy. It tasted like really good jam to me.


Find them – Eat their food – Spread the word – Be prepared to crave their delicious Hot Ham and Cheese for days and weeks afterward.

The CheeseBall Wagon Website - Twitter - Facebook

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