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And welcome to the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!  We are taking part in the massive giveaway hop that is sponsored by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and The Diary of a Bookworm.  There are well over 400 sites participating in this hop, so limber up your typing fingers and get ready to win some bookish prizes!

The Sanction Chronicles YA Series on Kickstarter Today we are giving away two copies of our book – Welcome to Sanction Year One Volume One.  The Sanction Chronicles is a serial YA paranormal novel with one book being released each month for the next three years.


We are offering 2 copies of the first book – September’s book.

To enter the giveaway, fill out the form below.  To get extra entries you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook.  You can get extra entries if you tweet about the contest!


Once you fill out the form, start on the list of blogs and enter as many giveaways as you can in the next week!  Good luck!


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