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Cup Cake Wars

Round One – Judged by the West Coast Werewolf


Yummy Cupcakes – SiteTwitter

Auntie Em’s - SiteTwitter 

Sugar Babies Cupcakery - SiteTwitter

Buttercelli Organic Bakeshop - SiteTwitter

Winner: Auntie Em’s - They may only make a few kinds but they are GREAT!

  • Mini and Large size, the cake is moist, the frosting a great sweet balance and 5 flavors. A nice selection and they still have other options in their bakery.

Runner Up: Yummy Cupcakes

  • Highlight – Selection – Maybe too many, makes one wonder if they made the right choice

2nd Runner Up: Buttercelli Organic Bakeshop

  • Highlight – All Organic and they have more than just cupcakes – Also they have a happy hour from 5-6 with discounted prices.
  • Downside – Super sweet. The items were on the extra sweet side and they are limited in selection.

Last: Sugar Babies Cupcakery

  • Read the Full Review Here
  • Basically not worth the trip or the cash

Read All of the Reviews Coming U

and Auntie Em’s Tomorrow!


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