Well they aren’t a restaurant…

 Freshly Baked

Gourmet Cookies with Attitude

Okay Readers - 

Best part of this review is you can get these guys ANYWHERE – they ship. So no need to be in LA with me. – Freshly-Baked.com

I came across these guys at the Taco Cook Off – where I managed not to eat a single taco, but other yum stuff instead. Like every cookie on the Freshly Baked menu. Over all, very good. If they are there buy them. On the whole moments of greatness but not every one so choose wisely…

So – top to bottom on the favorites.

YOUR MOM – Oatmeal Coconut Chocolate Chip

The chocolate, the texture of oatmeal and the chewyness of coconut that stays with you as you chew makes this one the big winner. A MUST have and a must try. Perhaps one of my favorite  Oatmeal Cookies ever, but adding chocolate doesn’t hurt.

Kiss my Rosie White… – Strawberry White Chocolate

General Rule: Strawberry flavored items are weaker tasting. Cherry Rules! – Not so here. If this was not hurt your teeth deliciously sweet it would have taken top rank. Even hungry as a wolf I would max out at about 2 while Your Mom, give me 10!

To the Cookie! The flavor is subtle and mouth watering. It hits the tongue with a burst and the white chocolate just smoothes the whole thing out to complete the experience. I am not a white chocolate fan so that this one is so high on the list tells you just how good it is.

Demolicious – Chocolate Cherry

As stated rule above, Cherry Rules as does this cookie. Really fabulous and a repeater. The cherry flavor infuses the whole cookie perfectly complimenting the dark chocolate. The mix is pretty flawless.  Not really anything more to say. Yum…

Mexican Arm Twister – Chocolate Chip with a Twist

If you like KICK this is not the one for you. This is your niece kicking you in the back of the leg. If you want it hot like a donkey kick to the groin look elsewhere. This is a mild, subtle flavor mix maybe why they say twist. Too subtle? Maybe. Can anyone give it a try? Yep. There is nothing to offend the palate, just a warm tingle in the after taste.

Nutty Bavarian Love Biscuit – Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel 

A solid PB cookie, mild on the PB and with a nice move in adding the pretzels. The salty – peanut butter mix of ingredients was nice. Unfortunately the chocolate seemed to dominate the pairing. If PB is your thing though, give it a go.

Monkey Nut Blast – Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip

Sad Monkeys. I didn’t taste the banana either. Say banana, I think BANANA. It was not the dominate flavor I expected based on the description. More of a chocolate chip with nuts and a light banana air about it.

The Foamy Homey – Root Beer Float

This cookie goes to show you how AMAZINGLY talented this baker is. First you taste vanilla, count down, one-two-three and the flavor changes like magic in your mouth. Root Beer! Add to that the unbelievable, no idea how he does it, tingle it leaves on your tongue and this is a masterpiece. I didn’t care for it, but I fully appreciate it.

Anger Management – Peppermint Chocolate Chip

I have been really hungry before – I mean hungry, BUT I have never been tempted to put chocolate chips in toothpaste and eat it.

In closing:  Am I chasing them down like a werewolf after a tasty rabbit? No, but I know other eaters who do. A lot of highlights here and good stuff. Make them into a sandwich with a little ice cream and you would only want them more. – More at Freshly-Baked.com

- West  Coast Werewolf

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