Talking About Fashion with Faith Hope and Charity

The three sisters share their take on preparing for the school year.

Faith: Readers need to know that wearing high cut jeans is a fashion crime and I am not afraid to tell them. If you are an offender be prepared to be mocked!

Hope: Yeah please do us all a favor and burn those babies! Another faux pas for me is chipped nail polish! What is up with that? Are you out of nail polish remover or what? If you’re going to wear nail polish, keep it on, or take it off people.

Charity: Maybe we should all just wear skirts. That would solve the problem right? I like skirts anyway. And we can not use nail polish. Have you ever tried a highlighter? They work and you always have them in your backpack.

Faith: People who use highlighters on their nails should also be ready for mockery.

Charity: You’re just jealous my nails are sunny and pretty.

Faith: Oh really…

Hope: Anyways, what about hair?? The blunt bang is back! I’m not sure what I think about this trend returning. Personally I go for long bohemian curls swept back in a side braid.

Charity: It is all about color not style! Hair bands, colored extensions, and feathers!

Faith: If you have a bird on your head other birds might come and make friends. Hair is not meant to be a nest Charity.

Hope: I actually like feathers, they are an inexpensive and fun addition. What I don’t like is tinsel. Tinsel is for Christmas trees, not hair. next thing you know we’ll see Christmas lights!

Charity: Oh tinsel! Where can I get that?

Faith: I don’t care where you get it the minute it enters the house it is in the trash! And anyone else who uses it can expect to be trashed on the 3sisters twitter, facebook and Blog! This is your last warning, the new year is here and dress carefully for back to school. Sanction may be off the maps, but that is no excuse to be lazy when picking out your wardrobe.

Hope: For sure Faith! Students and citizens of Sanction BEWARE!

Charity: Do the fashion Police really exist? I never believed it, but I guess it is possible. Which would you rather be in trouble with, them or the Hell Hounds? At least the HH just kill you and there is no need to live in shame for poor fashion choices.

Faith: Shut up Charity.

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