September 4th, Sunday

As if life in Sanction isn’t weird enough!

I was just getting –sorta – used to living here.  I was all ready for school.

No friends – check.

Bored on weekends – check.

Disgusting caf food – check.

Bitchy witches talking behind my back – all ready for that and then some.

So yes, it sucks being the only voodoo witch in town, much less the only voodoo priestess in town. Well…..priestess-in-training…. :)

I don’t hate it so much that I wanted Hawthorne Academy to burn to the ground.  The two days later and the town still smells like burnt sage and singed tarot cards.  I can’t even breathe outside.

They think a student had something to do with it.  Doubt it. The witches here are all about their “better than you “ school. :P

I don’t know.  I have to go to Windhaven High now?  At least I knew what to expect, who to avoid, what NOT to wear at Hawthorne.  Maybe this’ll be better.

It will put all of the witches on the new-kid list. That will be good :)

Even up the playing ground.  They’ll be so busy trying to find their way around they won’t have time to give me crap.  Hhmmmm I like that…..

But hey, Cole will be there.  I get see his luscious self everyday.  I might even get a class or two with him. That will be better. No – that’ll be sweet. :)

Doesn’t mean it will be any easier.

p.s. just had an email from my dear sweet brother, Daniel.  Bad storm hitting Louisiana.  Now I have to worry about my brother too!  What cosmic crap is this? I have to leave my beloved New Orleans after making it through Katrina .   Just now it’s starting to come back to life.  I have to leave my brother behind just because he’s “normal” as my jerky of a “normal” father says. Now this? Fire, floods — hurricanes.  If I get stuck having to take algebra again this year — Merde!  I’ll just be here throwing myself a pity party and everyone’s invited.

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