WHO Started the HAW Fire

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Okay Readers,
The big news comes close to home this week, the Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft  fire.
Rumor is that the place went up and burned almost to the ground in less than thirty minutes. No way is that natural. There had to be magical forces pushing the flames on. If there was no outside interference the firefighters or the fire witches working to put the blaze out would have been successful.

There has to be more going on than the surface evidence hints at. There are suspects being questioned, but are they strong enough to cause this damage. Hope Bradford is an Air witch, no way she has enough power to influence another element and take out the school.

In Sanction the list of people who want to get a little revenge on the witch community covers everyone. This job requires a skill. Who is able to master fire in town BUT the witches?
Inside job is what the news said, but there is another option.

ELEMENTALS – I do not believe they are as extinct as we all want to believe. Controlling and element is a dangerous gift. The witches said something like that three hundred years ago when they exterminated every Elemental they could find.

I think witches are just jealous since they only influence elements not control them. Jealousy Green is not a good color.

Water, Air, Fire, and Earth have not disappeared so I find it hard to believe that every elemental has. Should we be watching every time we light a match or turn on the water?

- Cole Harold

Conspiracy Theorist

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