What Were You Wearing?

Taken from the 3 Wicked Witches Blog – Charity BradfordThe Hawthorne Academy of Witchcraft burned to the ground and every witch in Sanction New Hampshire was there. This might be the biggest event of the year, so what did you wear? I know, I know this is not something we all prepared for. Still you wore it out of your house so I get to comment on the fashion display, good or bad.

Good: Fuzzy slippers. I’m always a fan. You lovely witches gave me a selection from zebras to steam engines. Much appreciated.

Bad:  Animal prints, in unnatural color combinations. A pink leopard spotted silk robe? Really Sera?

Good:  All of the guys took the time to cover their boxer shorts.

Bad:   ALL of the HOT guys took the time to cover their boxers. You all think Devon is a boxers guy? I hope so, briefs are not my preferred look to daydream about him wearing.

Good: Everyone was safe and has recovered quickly, casts and bandages are a bad fashion move. Thank you for saving us from future eye assault handsome firefighters.

Bad:   Firefighters wear too many layers. They are buff and heroic and I could not get a good look at any of them through the smoke.

That just leaves us with the: Best and Worst Dressed Awards

Best Worst
Sheriff Rhys Gard – A man in uniform, he looked very official. Yummy. Principal West – Black with smoke nighty no-no. That thing is due for a trip to the trash.
Faith Bradford – Looked good, but made us late to the scene while she could have skipped the makeup. Sera – Pink Animals are rare, so stop forcing them to hide with embarrassing usage of their camouflage.
Devon looked cool and confident next to his element Anchovy, his PJ’s had flames on them. Poor taste, very poor taste.
Feel free to disagree, I look forward to hearing what readers think is going to be the future of Pajama Fashion.
- Charity Bradford

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