Audrey Here!


School has now started!  Tests are being planned :(

In my role as librarian I’m often asked to help with study skills.  Check back here on a regular basis to catch my pearls of wisdom.


Today’s Study Skill – block out study time and breaks.

Believe it or not, your brain can only function well, when you treat it well.  Part of this good treatment is to give it a break.  How often do you need a break – well, that’s an individual thing.  Often it is suggested to take a 10 minute break every hour, but you might study better if you take 5 minutes every half hour.


During this break allow your brain to shut down.  Do something completely different than you were doing.  Go for a short walk, phone a friend for a short chat, fix a snack, clean your room (kidding).  You will feel relaxed and ready to take on a new project when you sit down to study again.

Come back next week for more pearls of wisdom!  Happy studying :)


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