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Audrey here with your latest Study Skill Tip!

    • Do you have trouble getting your homework done?
    • Do you fall asleep before you homework is finished?


Today we are going to talk about WHERE you study.

Is it cozy?  Is it well lit?  Does the dog curl up beside you when you study?


All of these things are important, but what is most important is the lack of distraction.  The brain is an interesting organ.  As much as we think we can multi-task.  We can’t.  If we do one activity really well, we do two activities at roughly half that ability.  It’s true…..check the studies :)   They are right here in the library!

The ideal study space is comfy (but not too comfy like a bed) and well lit (makes it easier on your eyes).  You should have a surface large enough to hold all the things you need to study – textbook, binder, calculator, paper, etc.  It should also be as free from distraction as we can make it.  Can the family dog cuddle with you…..yes along as he doesn’t bounce around.  You also need to turn your cell phone off, and shut down email, MSN chat, Yahoo chat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and any other social media that you may like to use.  If you read my post last week, it suggested spending 10 minutes every hour taking a break.  Doing something different.  Use that time to check your e-mail, see what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter.  You’ll find you are much more productive if you concentrate on one thing at a time.


Happy studying!  Come back next week to see what we discuss next!

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