Time to announce the winner of the Round Robin voting!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and voted and thanks to Sanction author Jamie Leigh Hansen for writing the first part of the Round Robin!


The Eyes have won!  To catch you up to date, last week Jamie wrote a story about werewolves Kyle, Simon and Eric heading off to see if they could catch sight of the celebration of witches.  They climbed up a cliff and when the first in line looked over he saw:

  1. A canopy of trees blocking his view.
  2. Eyes, less than a foot away, staring right at him.
  3. A clear, empty beach with lake water lapping at the edges.

Voting is over and readers have decided that number 2 – Eyes, less than a foot away, staring right at him – is the beginning point of the next part of the story.


The next episode will be posted on Monday.  What do you think will happen next……mark it on your calendars and get ready to vote!


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