I’m a simple kinda guy. I like a burger. Meat, Meat and Cheese, Meat and Onions. These are things that I can get excited about. When I heard Best Burger in LA talk going around about Umami Burger it went on the MUST list for a WCWR Review.

So Sunday night I drove to the Valli Location which really isn’t a cute way of telling me it is in the VALLEY. Cause the Valley – San Fernando Valley that is – takes up an enormously large area. Real location? Studio City. So after finding the hidden local I set out and got excited.

The wait was not bad though it was a Sunday night so I am not surprised. I did end up with a seat overlooking the sidewalk and street so exhaust with your burger was on the menu. Here we get to the good part and the bad part.

It was a tough decision on what to order. Burgers come as is – no substitutions though you can remove items. I went with two burgers and two sides. Assuming that would be enough for one little werewolf. Yeah, try Carl’s Jr on the way home.

My Order

The Award Winning – as stated by the waitress Truffle Burger - house-made truffle cheese, truffle glaze. – Rated A

The Classic – Named after the place – Umami Burger – umami x 6 – shiitake mushroom, caramelized onions, roasted tomato, parmesan crisp, umami ketchup. Rated C-

Sweet Potato Fries. Rated B+

Tempura Onion Rings.  Rated A+++

Dipping Sauces -

Umami Ketchup – house made Rated C

Garlic Aioli – Is always good so Rated B

Jalapeno Ranch - Yum - Rated A-

The reason the Truffle Burger got the rating it did should be obvious – dripping delicious oil on top of burger oil. Not an A+ too small. About three of them would be an acceptable size.

The Umami Burger was a bad experience. Really bad. I bit into the burger and it tasted porky – like a sausage. Don’t get me wrong I like a good sausage. I do. Not a huge fan of Italian Sausage which is what this most tasted like, but my like or dislike of them is a separate matter. I want my burger to taste like a burger.

Long story short I realized it was the parmesan crisp that did it. So crisp comes off and all of a sudden I have a burger that tastes like nothing, meat was mild, mushrooms, not enough to be a taste component, Onions, not doing their job, and overall blah. So no more ketchup figured they would be insulted if I asked for one other than the house special and drowned the thing in garlic aioli, maybe I should have gone with the jalapeno ranch but I love garlic even if it does not keep vampires away.


Sweat Potato Fries – always a crowd-tummy pleaser but nothing inspired.

Tempura Onion Rings – Lick your fingers afterwards, don’t let anyone else near them, get 5 orders good. The best onion rings I have ever had. Saltier than the usual tempura and inspired. Worth the trip.

I did not try every burger or side sadly, but I feel comfortable saying worth the price for the Truffle Burger and Onion Rings.

West Coast Werewolf  says – Worth a Go

Learn More at - http://umamiburger.com/about/

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