My Sanction Chronicles Soundtrack

Some people have workout sound tracks to get them moving. Authors have a reverse – music we sit to. Okay my head bobs back and forth and my foot taps if that can be counted as exercise.

As the creator of Sanction NH I have had a lot of days where the prospect of building something this big was overwhelming. What did I do then? I listened to my uplifting playlist. David Bowe? Is there anything better?

Want to hear the music that got the Town of Sanction out to the world hit play below.


1 - David Bowie in Labyrinth – Magic Dance

2 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Lykke Li

3 - Langhorne Slim in Bermuda – “for a little while”

4 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Forty-three: My Morning Jack

5 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Thirty-one: Spoon

6 - Under Pressure - David Bowie-Under Pressure

7 - Grizzly Bear – All We Ask (Black Cab Sessions: Chapter Seventy-Nine)

8 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Twenty-Five: The Kooks

9 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Twenty: Cold War Kids

10 - David Bowie China Girl

11 - Black Cab Sessions.Chapter Twenty-Six: The Felice Brothers

12 - Langhorne Slim – Land of Dreams (Live at The Woods)

13 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Eleven: St Vincent

14 - The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam – All I Believe In

15 - The Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Fifteen: Seasick Steve

16 - Tori Amos – Leather

17 - Sunset Rubdown – New Song [Black Cab Sessions]

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