Summer in Sanction

Part 2: by Terry Kate

See part 1 HERE.

The smell of the lake made his mouth dry up and he craved a drink. Trying not to pant like a dog in heat, he peered over the edge and saw eyes less than a foot away, staring right at him.

“Shi-” He didn’t even get the word out before shhh sounded all around him. The dark eyes didn’t belong to a creature worthy of startling a werewolf. Kyle bared his teeth at the stupid beast. Dumb thing didn’t even run.

“I hate rabbits.” He muttered the words softly, but everyone of them had superhuman hearing.

“Our big bad leader got scared by a bunny.” Eric whispered. Idiot probably felt safe since Matt and Simon separated them.

“Shut up, you want to get us caught?” Simon’s voice rose and another round of Shhhh started up.

They crept forward making enough noise to disturb another night creature nearby. Kyle’s muscles locked as an owl hooted. Crap, I need to relax. We are way off course. Who would think to look up here?

“What are you going to do if we run into one of the witch guards?”

Kyle sighed, he didn’t want to go into details or make the young wolf more nervous. “We won’t.”

Matt didn’t let it go. “What if one of the other teams finds us?”

Simon lost his patience snapping at full volume. “Dude, shut up already.” Kyle clapped a hand over the other wolf’s mouth before he could say more.

With any luck they would not… “Did you hear that?”

The voice sounded nearby and they all froze, holding their breath.

Stay or run. Those were the options and he was the leader of their team. The choice was his and he wasn’t sure which to signal to the others as the plan. A female giggle filled the air giving him hope.

Maybe that was not a guard, or maybe he was distracted. There was no way for Kyle to be sure, but they were so close now he could smell it. Literally his nose even in human form was picking up scents.

They were staying and they were going to win. He looked over and the other guys looked just as determined.

All this to see a ritual with naked witches? Totally worth it.

“Hey, there they are!” Feet pounded on the ground and kept coming, then passed without pausing.

Another team? Didn’t matter. Opportunity was knocking and they were going. Cries sounded in the forest while Kyle lead his team in the opposite direction.

Distantly they heard shouts that had Matt visibly cringing.

“Get off. I will not let you. No, don’t even think about it. I will tear out your heart and eat it.”

A buzzing noise started that Kyle knew all too well. Being new to town, the youngest one asked the question he did not want to answer. “What is that? Are they hurting him?”

Eric snickered. “Oh it will hurt.”

Matt started to turn back, but Simon caught his arm. “We need to go help them.”

Simon and Eric exchanged a look but the asses kept quiet.

“Fine.” Being the leader was not a fun job. “It is a buzzer, they are going to shav-” He didn’t need to explain further when a shaved wolf went running past, skin exposed from the neck down to the end of his tail.

“Holy crap!” Kyle silently agreed.

Voices sounded, laughing and congratulating each other on the catch. They were close and after seeing one of their pack bald Matt made a run for it. He was not careful to keep the noise down and the chase was on.

Kyle cursed the kid as a branch hit him in the face. His lungs worked, pumping oxygen into his blood and with every heart beat he wanted to shift, to really run. Not an option for him unless he wanted to disqualify his team.

Need to loose the witches. Where?

Matt dropped out of sight and he had his answer. Over the cliff.

1: No way! Kyle veered to the right and kept running.

2: That’s it! Kyle was done. He turned to confront whoever was in the woods hunting wolves.

3: He couldn’t see anything below, but one for all and all for one.

That’s the choices this week!  Pick number 1, 2 or 3 and then come back to find out where the story will go from here!

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