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Sanction New Hampshire is one of the three largest supernatural communities in the United States. The town is built on land belonging to vampire Maximus Vittori, but originally founded as a refuge after the Salem Witch Trials.

Population: Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches make up the majority of the residents, but trolls, sirens, ghosts, and more claim Sanction as their home.

Be Prepared: Avoid going out on the full moon.

Do not try to enter the town cemetery after dark.

No dating outside your group.

And the most important, DO NOT start a fight drawing attention to yourself or the town.

If you are moving to town to attend Wind Haven High School be prepared for a diverse experience and classes taught by some of the greatest minds living today. Learn about the real history of the world from experts.

If you have questions just ask, and Welcome to Sanction.

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